Questoz - Property Investment Specialists


  • Positively geared
  • Cash flow positive
  • Capital growth stimulators
  • Sufficient equity to purchase another property
  • Long lease in place:  5 year lease term with the tenant having 5-year options to renew for up to 40 years
  • Rent return is 5.5% pa growing by a fixed 2% pa
  • Property Management included

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Our approach is to analyse your financial situation and personal goals, develop an investment strategy, and then assist you in implementing that strategy to the end.


The Questoz Point of Difference

We are owned by Start Right Homes and Austurban Homes, two of Perth’s premier building companies.  We offer investment properties at retail price without an added margin for the services provided by Questoz.  In other words, any property you purchase through Questoz is the exact same price you would pay if you were to purchase it through the builders directly.  This is a key point of difference between Questoz and other property investment groups that apply an additional layer of margin to their investment products.

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